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About the Ministry

Participants: Young married couples and individuals who are planning to get married in the near future

Bridge Ministry is designed to help “younger” married couples and individuals of marriageable age to fellowship, support, and learn from each other. This ministry often involves valuable open discussions and suggestions about various relevant subjects along with different activities that cater to building a solid relationship between each other in a marriage as well as building Christian relationships with other couples. Bridge ministry will play a significant role in building successful marriages through understanding what the Bible states about a healthy marriage and it helps in enabling couples to practically apply the biblical principles in their daily walk. This is a constant learning, molding and building ministry with a purpose of creating an environment for healthy, Christian marriages and stronger relationships with others.

Another motivation behind creating Bridge Ministry was to help bridge the “generation-gap” between the older and the younger generation at Chattanooga Christian Assembly thus enhancing the unity of the church. Research indicates that most young couples and singles of marriageable age feel neglected at church, however, the Bridge Ministry has helped cater to the needs of this important demographic by bringing in a sense of ownership and finding ways to develop their potential for the kingdom of God. This is essential for a vibrant and growing church. By facilitating an avenue to come together, fellowship and bounce off each other’s ideas, this ministry helps its participants build strong relationships which is a key to the success of any church or community.

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